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Want to become a Men’s group facilitator?

At TRIBES we are experts at leading quality groups for men’s emotional work and self-help. We value a sciencebased, inclusive, male-friendly approach to men’s mental health.

Currently, we are looking for male facilitator candidates who (after training) will help a new group to
become a strong positive team for personal growth.

The facilitator is a TRIBES volunteer who goes through an enriching journey helping other men.

What does it mean to be a men’s group facilitator:

  • Meaning. Our facilitators feel energized by their work because they see firsthand how meaningful it is to create a safe space for other men to work with their feelings.
  • Personal growth. You’ll have a unique opportunity to develop Your leadership, confidence, public speaking, and other vital social skills. Plus, You’ll be in a men’s group and you’ll learn a lot of life skills from other men!
  • Professional growth. You will practice working with a group, counselling, giving guidance, and empowering others. We will provide You with quality supervision to help You overcome whatever challenges come up. All this will come in handy in Your professional life. We present our certificates of completion to all facilitators. There are also career opportunities at TRIBES.
  • Valuable new friendships. You’ll spend 8 weeks with 8-10 other men while having deep meaningful conversations. You’ll find a lot of common interests and inspiration from each other. You’ll get to know interesting people You wouldn’t otherwise meet.

What we expect:

  • No need for you to be a clinician. However
    prior experience working with emotional
    support and/or groups is appreciated.
  • Good communication skills, awareness of Your
    own emotions, assertiveness.
  • Eagerness to learn working with groups,
    helping men, and being social
  • Proper time-management skills: punctuality,
    and having a predictable timetable
  • Time commitment:
  • Fasilitator T4T course. Intensive whole
    weekend practical course for facilitator
    candidates. Lead by our experts in the
    field. The course will happen online (begins at April 21th at 6 pm and ends on the 23th at 2 pm).
  • Direct and indirect work with men’s group.
    From mid-January till mid-March – You’ll
    spend from 3-6 h weekly. Your group (8-10
    men) will meet once a week in the evening
    for 3 hours. Plus, You’ll spend some time
    mentoring individual group members.
Interested? Have questions?