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Looking for “Women’s Tribes” Representative
Having successfully tested and developed the methodology for men’s groups on an international scale, “Mens Tribes” (a.k.a. “Gentys”) is expanding and launching “Humanity Tribes.”

Our mission: Through scientific method and creative innovation, we develop scaling solutions for community care that tackle loneliness, shame, trauma and promote self-care and interpersonal skills on a mass scale. This new organization will adapt the “Tribes” methodology to best serve various groups, including men, women, gender-queer/non-binary, and mixed groups.

We are looking for the leader of “Women’s Tribes” in Lithuania, who, together with international experts on women’s issues, will implement the first women’s groups in Lithuania and the United Kingdom.
What the Representative will do:
Starting from the fall of 2023:
  • Get acquainted with our activities and share observations regarding its implementation to refine and develop our go to market offering.
  • Together with the international experts, refine the concept of “Women’s Tribes.” and co create relevant product innovations to best serve the needs of women tribes.
Starting from January 2024:
  • Ensure the smooth implementation of the “Women’s Tribes” service (tasks such as finding group leaders, organizing training, and forming groups).
  • Recruit and strengthen the “Women’s Tribes” community.
  • Represent the “Women’s Tribes” organization in public.
  • Contribute to the broader mission of “Humanity Tribes.”
The kind of person we are looking for:
  • Values:
    • Committed to non-violent communication and behaviour.
    • Adaptive, and comfortable with the challenges of working and thriving in a high-paced environment.
    • Willing to innovate, seek creative solutions, and think unconventionally.
    • Passionate about this kind of work.
  • Possesses leadership and project management skills.
  • Able to effectively engage with the media.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Bonus if You have experience in working with social issues and/or community building, have education in psychology/medicine/social work, or a related field, and can interpret the results of scientific research.

What we offer:

  • Inspiring social mission and purpose.
  • Work in a talented team where people believe in the importance of what they do.
  • Joy in creating innovations.
  • The opportunity to contribute to developing entirely new psychological services for women.
  • The opportunity to work remotely with flexible hours.
  • Salary: €1500/month (bruto) with stock options.

If this resonates with You, we await Your motivational letter/CV or any questions at antanas@gentys.lt

Have a great day!

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