Partner with us

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. TRIBES aims to provide men’s support groups that are high-quality, accessible and affordable to men worldwide. By partnering with us, you can help us reach more men in need and make a positive impact on mental health.

There are several ways you can partner with us:

1. You can help bring TRIBES groups in your city or country, becoming a local representative of our project.

2. We also offer facilitator training for those who are interested in leading groups and spreading the message of men’s mental health.

3. Additionally, we welcome investors who share our vision and want to support our mission financially. With your support, we can continue to expand our reach and make a meaningful difference in the lives of men worldwide.

Join us in our mission to promote men’s mental health and well-being. Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities and how you can get involved.

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